How to activate a student account (1st and 2nd grade)?

How to activate a student account (1st and 2nd grade)?

To activate your students, you must first access your teacher profile. As a reminder, here is the login procedure.
If you have not yet completed your registration to join your school, please click on the link for instructions.
It is important to note that students must create a new account at the beginning of each year. They do not keep their account from year to year.

Step 1:
Click on “Add my students” in the upper right hand corner of the home page of profile.

Step 2:
Click on “Go to manage my classes”.  Select your group by clicking on it:

Step 4:
Click on “Add my students”. 
Enter the first and last name of your student. If you have more than one student to register, click on “Add more students”. Once completed, you can click on the “Save” option in the bottom right hand corner. A validation message will appear and you will receive a confirmation email.

Write down the class code (the code in purple). Your students will use it to log in.

Your Class Kit will be updated once the procedure is completed and you will be able to download it.

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