How to sign in a Buzzmath account?

How to sign in a Buzzmath account?

Take note that the login procedure for students of 1st and 2nd grades, is different from the method used by students of other grade levels. You will find that procedure using the following link : How to log in a student account (1st and 2nd grade).

After completing your activation, you will be able to log into your profile from our login screen.

If you didn't complete your registration, please review the procedure
How to join my school's Buzzmath subscription.
  • You can access your profile from the login page
  • Click on "Teacher Login"

  • Make sure to type in your username details ( full name or email address) and your password.

I want to sign in with my Google account.

If you have completed your activation with your Google credentials, you will be able to login to your profile by selecting the '' Sign In with Google '' option from the login page. The system will require you to select the Google account associated with your Buzzmath profile before leading you to your homepage.

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