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            How to send an activity

            Here are the steps to follow to send your very first activity!
            Step 1: FIrst, make sure you have found the activity that seems to best suit your current needs.
            I suggest starting with our review activities. These activities are found at the top of the chapters in all Buzzmath books. Here's an example:

            Step 2: When selecting the activity you want to send, you have 3 options:

            Option 1: Click on the three little dots at the end of the activity name, and then select "Send this activity"

            Option 2: Click on the title of the activity, and then on "Send activity"

            Option 3: Open the activity, locate the gear wheel at the top of the page and select "Send this activity"

            All of these options allow you to send this activity to a whole group or to just one or two students in particular.

            Your students will automatically receive the activity. It will be added directly to their home page. It will be impossible to miss it the next time they sign in. Here's an example:

            Updated: 05 Sep 2018 12:09 AM
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