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            How to add a class

            In order to create a new class, follow these steps:

            Step 1 : Select the MANAGE CLASSES option in the left side toolbar. 
            Step 2: Confirm that enough licences are available by looking at the Assigned Licences in the school section. 

            If you noticed that the number of assigned licences in the school has been reached, you can jump in this article that will guide you towards the next options available to you!

            Step 3 : Once your verification is complete, select  ADD A NEW CLASS .

            Step 4 : The class creation window will appear allowing you to fill in the information of your class.

            Step 5 : Before completing the creation, you will need to select whether a new teacher or an activated teacher will be linked to that class.
            1. For a New Teacher: Fill in the fields and save the changes.
            2. For an Existing Teacher: Select the name of the teacher ( or yours ) that will be managing this class and save the changes.

            If you create a class for a new teacher, don't forget to share the activation codes with him once the process is complete. The new class will appear in your MANAGE CLASSES tab under OTHER CLASSES IN MY SCHOOL. 

            You don't need to share the activation code to a teacher already activated in your school. The new class will automatically be linked to his profile once the class is created and he will be able to retrieve his codes.

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