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            How do I change my personal information on Buzzmath?

            In order to change your personal details, you will need to access the My Account tab. 


            The My Account button allows you to:

            1. Modify your name and email
            2. Change your password
            3. Change your character
            4. Change your language and screen background
            To modify your name and email, go to each field (First name, Last name, Email address)
            You can then Save Changes.

            To change your password, please review the procedure How do I change my password? 
            To change your character, simply click on the blue crayon to the right of your character and choose a new one from the list.
            To change the profile background, click Change the background to the right of your avatar and select the one of your choice. 


            You now have your very own personalized account!

            Updated: 12 Jun 2019 06:10 AM
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