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            Flash - Transition Calendar

            As announced by Adobe, the Flash Player plug-in is gradually being replaced by more recent technology. Because the Adobe Flash Player plug-in is required to display some content on the Netmath platform, our team is working hard to create a new version that will not require any plug-ins and will be entirely designed using the latest technologies available. Rest assured that our team’s priority is to ensure the continued usability of our products.

            Key stages in the transition to the new version

            Groups of testers will be working with the Netmath team throughout the year. Contact us if you’re interested in testing the new version.

            *This schedule is based on our best estimates and may change at any time.



            DECEMBER 2017

            A small group of users has access to certain interfaces of the new version and continuously contributes to its improvement.


            SEPTEMBER 2018

            The main interfaces of the new version are available to all teachers and students who are subscribed except the learning activities, which require activating the Adobe Flash Player plug-in.


            JANUARY 2019

            New version of the Messages and Class Management pages.


            FEBRUARY 2019

            New version for all Family Pass subscribers.


            JUNE 2019

            The Buzzmath iPad App is not available anymore in the iTunes Store.


            JULY 2019

            Many of our learning activities are displayed in the new version. New activities will be added every week.


            Beginning of the school year 2019

            The new version is available on iPad tablet in a browser.

            Updated: 17 Jan 2020 12:58 AM
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