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            Activate Flash In Microsoft Edge

            First of all, please note that we strongly recommend using Google Chrome because that platform generally produces fewer technical issues.
            There are a few cases to consider for Microsoft Edge:

            First case: An orange button suggests you download Flash

            To fix this situation, follow the 3 steps shown in this animation:
            1. Click on the orange button to open a window at the top of the page.
            2. Click on the grey "Allow once" button.
            You should now have access to the platform.

            Second case: You are redirected to the Adobe website

            In this case, you'll have to:

            1. open the browser settings
            2. select the advanced settings option:
            3. activate the Use Adobe Flash Player option if it's not already done.
            By refreshing the page, you should find yourself in the situation described at the top of the page (the first case). Consult this section to overcome this last challenge. 

            Updated: 04 Oct 2018 07:15 AM
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