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            Activate Flash In Google Chrome

            There are 2 cases to consider for Google Chrome:
            First case: A puzzle piece appears in the centre of the page

            To fix this situation, follow the 2 steps shown in the animation:
            1. Click on the puzzle piece icon to open a window in the corner of the page.
            2. Select Allow.
            The page should automatically refresh and you should have access to the Buzzmath content.

            Second case: You click on the puzzle piece, but nothing happens

            If this situation occurs, it means that Flash is not just deactivated, it's also blocked. As illustrated in the animation above, it's pretty simple to unblock Flash to access Buzzmath content. Just follow these steps:
            1. Locate and select the  (lock) icon at the far left of the search bar. 
            2. Beside the option Flash, change Block to Allow.
            3. To prevent this problem from recurring, we recommend doing the same thing for the Pop-ups and redirects option.
            This should cover all the possibilities! If you encounter a case that does not correspond to the ones presented here, please contact us so that we can help you and improve this article at the same time!

            Updated: 09 Oct 2018 12:53 AM
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