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            How do you activate Flash?

            Recently, your browser has changed the way it supports the Adobe Flash plugin. It now must be enabled every time you open your browser. To enable Flash, simply click the window below. This inconvenience is temporary as all content should be accessible without constraint very soon.


            If Adobe Flash is blocked on your browser, you can unblock easily to get access to desired Flash based Buzzmath content. 


            If you use Google Chrome:

            1. Locate and select the (puzzle piece) icon at the far right of the search bar. 

            2. Select MANAGE in the pop-up window and a new tab will open.

            3. Switch the BLOCK SITE option to ASK FIRST and close the tab.

            4. Enable Adobe Flash Player by clicking the window and the activity will open normally.

            For Firefox

            1. Install Adobe Flash from Adobe’s website:

            2. Once installed, refresh the Buzzmath window then Activate Flash in the activity you wish to complete.

            If you have any problems related or unrelated to this issue, please contact our support team:

            Updated: 3 days ago
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