What's the difference between sharing a collection and assigning activities?

What's the difference between sharing a collection and assigning activities?

Sharing a collection with students and assigning an activity are two very different things.

A sent activity is one that is selected in the BOOKS section and then sent to the students. They will receive the activity in the ASSIGNMENTS section of the student profile and will see it on their home page, while you will see it appear in your TRACK ASSIGNMENTS report. The progress of the students’ work, usage time and other data will also appear in your various follow-up reports. In this case there is no grouping and no form of personalized organization.

Sharing collections involves, above all, that you complete the creation of a collection, which is a grouping of activities that you have selected and organized according to your needs and those of your students. You can  then share this collection with your students. This sharing does not constitute assigning the activities contained in the collection. These activities will not appear by default in the TRACK ASSIGNMENTS report.
However, you will have the option of assigning the activities of a collection via the icon intended for this purpose so that they appear in the TRACK ASSIGNMENTS report.


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