What's new on Buzzmath?

What's new on Buzzmath?

Activity Selection

October 21st 2022

You can now select multiple activities and send them to your students at once! 

Quickly see activities added to your collections

October 21st 2022

A visual indicator (a blue circle) and a tooltip are now associated with each activity that you add to your collections. No more searching! 

Discover this improvement today by logging in to your profile!

Automatically creating collections based on activities sent last year
August 15th 2022

Over the course of last year, you sent Buzzmath activities to each of your classes. This year—with a single click—you can create a new collection based on the list of those activities, in the order you sent them. This collection can serve as the basis for how you plan to use Buzzmath with your students this year. No need to search again for activities to send! Once the collection is created, all you have to do is top it up, arrange it according to theme or week, or reorganize it based on your new planning—in other words, tweak it to your taste!


Have you thought about sharing your planning from last year or one of your preferred collections with your new colleagues, replacement teachers, or the wider teaching community?


Sharing collections with colleagues

August 15th 2022

New year, new challenges, and questions that can arise: Which activities should I send to the entire class this week? Which activities would best help students who are struggling with fractions? How can I easily put together a list of activities chosen by my cycle team? One of your colleagues may have the answers and has already done the work to put together a collection! Copy their collection, shared by URL, and adapt their list of activities to suit your own planning. Then, all you have to do is make your collection available to your students, when the time is right.


Why not share some of your best collections on social media?

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