What is the class code and how can I find it?

What is the class code and how can I find it?

Students in 1st and 2nd grade, unlike those in higher grade grades, do not have passwords to log in to their profiles. Instead, they use a six-letter class code. For example: LUNOMU. Note that the code is the same for all students in the same group.

It is automatically generated by the system and it is not possible to personalize it. However, it is possible to obtain a new one if the original one does not suit you. In this case, the code will also be generated randomly.

For more details on how to change the class code, or how to log in as elementary students (1st and 2nd grade), please see the following procedures:

How do I obtain the class code?

To obtain the class code, access your Buzzmath group/class via the Manage Classes section.

1. Tap or click Manage Classes in the left side menu.

2. Tap or click your group/class. 

3. The code will be in the upper right corner. 

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