What is a badge ?

What is a badge ?

There are 2 types of badges on the platform: knowledge badges and skill badges. You'll see that these two types of badges are both just as motivating!

It is important to note that badges are not available for grades 1 and 2.

Skill Badge

During the year, you can add a personal touch to your students' learning experiences by sending a personalized badge to each of them. To do this, go to the Individual Report,” select the target student, and then find the "Award a badge" button.

We have created a badge system where the names correspond to each of the interdisciplinary skills in the curriculum. Please note that it's not necessary to use this structure in the formal assessment of your students' abilities. Here's what the badge award page looks like once you have selected the " Award a Badge " tab.

By selecting a badge, you can personalize the message that accompanies the badge or opt to use the message proposed by our team. it's easier than ever to highlight your students' good efforts by documenting it in their personal portfolio.

Knowledge Badge

Unlike skill badges, your students will probably earn knowledge badges without you doing anything.

Don't worry!

It's a system created by the Buzzmath team to encourage students to continue their adventures on the platform.

There is a progress bar with locks in certain sections of the books. By completing an activity, the student will see the bar gradually get coloured in until it reaches the limit set by the first lock (here, that's 10 activities). 

When the limit is reached, a secret activity will be offered to the student and if they manage to complete it in less than three attempts, they will win a badge, such as this bronze Arithmetic - Number sense badge.