I can see my student's name in my group list, but they don't have access to Buzzmath. What can I do ?

I can see my student's name in my group list, but they don't have access to Buzzmath. What can I do ?

If a student's name appears in your class list when you access your MANAGE CLASSES menu, it means his profile was activated.
If, however, that student is unable to access his account, we suggest changing his password to a completely new one and provide him with that new information.

Make sure that the new password is different than the original one that was set up on the profile.

You will be able to forward the new information to your student :
  1. First name and last name as appearing in your Buzzmath class list
  2. The password newly created
It is a good habit to test the log in access of your student once a password has been modified. For a quick validation, make sure to disconnect from your profile (log off button). At that point, you will be able to log in to your student profile with his username and the newly created password newly created.

In order to review the password change procedure, please review this article.

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