How do I complete my membership?

How do I complete my membership?

HEADS UP: This year we have a new simplified subscription process. Please read the instructions below to complete your registration and give access to your teachers.

If you want for us to include the teachers in the confirmation that will be sent to you with the procedure for creating their classes, you MUST send us your permission in your reply. 

Once the invoice for your school subscription has been sent, please send us a list of the email addresses of all the teachers that need access to Buzzmath this year.

Simply download the appropriate spreadsheet at the bottom of this page and complete it with the following information:


School name: 

Enter the name of your school. 

Teachers’ emails:

The emails of all of the teachers who will use Buzzmath this year.

Please email the completed form to: and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Download the form below.

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